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Woodsman® Broadhead History

March 1st, 2011
3Rivers Archery and KME Sharpeners announce their working relationship of offering the Woodsman® ELITE broadhead line with a hunting sharp edge right out of the pack!

June 1st, 2009
3Rivers Archery launches the Woodsman® ELITE broadhead line with screw-in model 150gr and the glue-on model 125gr.

March 25th, 2005
3Rivers Archery purchased the rights to Woodsman® broadhead from the Wensel brothers.

April, 1998
Gene Wensel and Wayne "Biggie" Hoffman developed the concept of the Woodsman® broadhead in an Iowa motel as they sat snowed in from Spring scouting. From that beginning, Mike Lembke, Barry & Gene Wensel, and "Biggie" Hoffman took their idea to the table and Mike Sohm, Magnus Broadheads, came up with the prototypes.

"We put many decades of bowhunting experience together to come up with a broadhead design that would incorporate all the features a perfect broadhead should have. Our goal was to design a head that would penetrate well, sharpen easily, fly true, retain strength, hold up under the worst of field conditions, and cut a hole rather than a slot."

"We are very proud of the Woodsman® Broadheads. We feel we achieved our design in every aspect with this unique broadhead."

Gene and Barry Wensel
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